Obagi Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 50


A chemical- and mineral-based facial sunscreen with a sheer tint.

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Product Overview

Obagi’s Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 50 creates a barrier between your skin and the sun to keep it protected. Formulated to shield and protect your skin from environmental pollutants and sun damage, this tinted formula glides on smooth, covering mild imperfections. A blend of chemical and physical sunscreens thwart aging UVA and burning UVB rays from damaging your complexion, while antioxidant-rich extracts combat free radicals.

Key Ingredients:

  • Zinc Oxide: soothes skin and blocks UVA/UVB rays
  • Titanium Dioxide: a mineral sunblock that protects skin from UV damage
  • Algae Extract: hydrates and protects skin from irritation
  • Vitamin E: prevents free-radical damage

Key Benefits:

  • Unique physical and chemical formulation provides multifaceted UVA/UVB protection and IR, HEV, blue light defense
  • Warm shade beautifully enhances skin complexions with golden or olive undertones
  • Thermic micro-shield crystal technology effectively reflects or disperses damaging rays at the skin’s surface before causing harm
  • Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested
  • Sheer finish and fragrance-free formula that is gentle on skin

Warm is ideal for skin tones with yellow, golden or olive undertones.