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This is a great article from Medscape that will help you better understand how your body uses food, along with evolutionary and environmental implications. A great read that is not only about the Keto diet.

“Is the ketogenic diet the only way to lose weight? Of course not! Keep track of calories in vs calories out and almost anyone can lose weight. The problem is keeping it off. To understand that, we need to look at metabolic adaptation and the biology of obesity.

Our bodies have a “set point” that is epigenetically latched onto the environment the brain senses, just as the fetal environment responds to the maternal environment.

If food is plentiful, our hormones force us to eat until our bodies feel that there are enough fat stores to survive. Because of environmental influences such as highly processed food, preservatives, climate change, and regulation of temperature, our brains have decided that we need more adipose tissue than we did 50-100 years ago.”

– Caroline Apovian, MD, “Keto for Life? Reasons to Think Twice”, Medscape

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