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Fall is upon us, and we are in our busiest time of year. Here are our top 5 treatment recommendations to have done this Fall/Winter.

1. Morpheus8 

Collagen induction, smoothing and plumping of your skin, permanent fat destruction, skin tightening, lightens and brightens dark spots, treats active acne, acne scars, stretch marks and cellulite.

Before & After Photos
2. Laser Hair Removal

Have you ever added up your waxing appointments for one year? Sheri did and it was way more expensive than laser hair removal with us.

Average prices per wax treatment at a salon (please note, prices may vary)
  • Arms – between $25 to $40
  • Underarms – between $15 to $25
  • Back – between $40 to $55
  • Bikini – between $30 to $35
  • Brazilian – between $45 to $80
  • Chest – between $45 to $55
  • Chin – between $10 to $15
  • Eyebrows – between $8 to $20
  • Full legs – between $60 to $70
  • Half legs – between $35 to $40

Source: Greenwich Time

3. Vasculaze (Vascular) Laser Treatment

Diminishes leg veins, spider veins, and those pesky capillaries (redness) on our faces.

4. Chemical Peels

Lightens and brightens your skin, exfoliates, treats hyperpigmentation, reduces pore size, and promotes skin tightening.

5.  Kybella – permanently destroys fat cells in small areas of the body (chin, jowls, jawline, bra fat…) We sell the swell – the more swollen you get with Kybella the better your results so take this time to put on a scarf or turtleneck and cover-up

Before & After Photos
Why do we recommend these treatments for fall and winter?

You can certainly have all these treatments done all year round if you are careful with going in the sun (except for Kybella… although sunscreen should be worn by everyone, every day). In the fall and winter, we tend not to be at the beach, poolside, or sunbathing. Plus, with cooler weather, we tend to cover up more, making it easier to avoid the sun before and after these treatments.

With Kybella, “we sell the swell”. Yes, you will swell up, the more, the better. For those that are a little more self-conscious, in the fall and winter, it is more comfortable and looks more fashionable when covering up the swelling with a scarf.

So, yes, you can have these treatments done all year round, but if there were ideal seasons, they’d be fall and winter so that you’re ready for summer beachwear.

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