When should I start using Botox?

Botox Young Beautiful WomanThis is a question I get asked very often.  

The answer is not black and white, it is a gray area with many different opinions.  Men and women are looking to Botox for different reasons, some want to defy the aging process, some want to grow older gracefully, some want to use Botox preventatively and some want to diminish their expressions because of the profession they are in; think Psychiatrists and Lawyers.  There is no definitive age of when Botox should be started even as preventative.  It definitely is more difficult to obtain a “perfect” result when a  75 year old patient comes in and has neglected their skin and never had Botox. These lines have been formed for many years and one treatment of Botox will not completely erase lines, it will soften them.  If a 25 year old patient comes in and has lines at rest, they should have a great response as they don’t have the wrinkles of someone 50 years older.  Botox is meant to relax the muscles which create lines and wrinkle on our faces.  


What about preventative Botox?

This question had been discussed by many practitioners and patients.  My personal opinion is to evaluate and assess any patient who comes in for Botox.  Women and men in their 20’s would be a candidate for Botox if they have lines at rest.  This means, when I evaluate them I can visibly see lines when the patient is making absolutely no expression.  If the patient doesn’t have lines at rest but has lines with expression, I usually recommend a good skincare regimen with a retinol if there are no contraindications.  I feel a good skincare regimen, including sunscreen, can “prevent, protect and correct” – SkinCeuticals.  


I prefer my patients to look natural and guide them that way because I do feel it looks best.  

Though I love Botox and Fillers, I think a subtle improvement goes a long way.  I always tell my patients that people will ask you “did you get a facial?”, “did you get your hair done?” “did you get extra sleep?”.  Most people won’t be able to pinpoint what it is, unless they do it themselves or work in the industry.