The Importance of Sunscreen

Making it part of your daily skincare routine

SunscreenWe hope you all are enjoying the extra hour of sunlight this Spring and think it’s an excellent time to discuss sunscreen.  Not only is sunscreen important when it’s sunny out, but is just as important when it’s cloudy, raining or snowing.  The reason is that UV (ultraviolet) rays are the part of sunshine which damages our skin and can cause skin cancer.  

UV rays are broken down into 3 categories:
  1. UVA rays which cause aging of the skin and cause wrinkles. Some skin cancers are caused by UVA rays and are found in tanning beds.
  2. UVB rays are the rays which cause sunburn and have a higher likelihood of causing skin cancers.  
  3. UVC rays are part of welding torches and mercury lamps.  The most important thing to remember is that 10-15 minutes of unprotected skin can cause damage.

It’s very important to wear sunscreen daily and make it a part of your everyday skincare routine.  Not all sunscreens work well and it is not recommended to depend on an SPF in your makeup and/or moisturizer.  The most important ingredients to look for are titanium oxide and zinc oxide as they are a physical sunscreen made up of natural minerals.

Other ways to protect yourself from the damaging effects of UV rays:  
  • Wear a large brim hat
  • Stay under an umbrella
  • Wear sunglasses and clothing with UV protection
  • Avoid direct sun during the hours of 10am-4pm
  • Wear sunscreen in all weather as the UV rays are out even if the sun isn’t
  • Be careful at higher altitudes
  • Reapply sunscreen as directed, typically every 60-180 minutes

We offer a variety of medical grade sunscreens ranging from $34-$68, some are tinted and some have a great texture for patients who dislike the thick, caked-on feeling of over the counter brands.  

The warmer, sunnier days are upon us and if you follow these simple recommendations, you can enjoy these days while easily protecting your skin.

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