Quarantine Preservation Packages and Promotions (QPPP)

Packages and Promotions

We are all in this together! So at Allure, we have decided that we would do special Quarantine Preservation Packages and Promotions during the shelter at your place of residence order.

By purchasing this $500 deposit, you guarantee the prices for one or all of the treatments below as a one-time purchase, once the shelter in your place of residence order is lifted. If you don’t know what you will need (i.e. how many syringes, units or CoolSculpting sessions) it’s okay. We will work with you, as always and the $500 will be applied to the total amount and you will pay the difference. If, for example, you need less than $500 worth of treatment, we will refund the difference. Once we can open up again, these offers will revert back to normal pricing, so buy now to take advantage of this special pricing:

  1. Buy 1 syringe of filler and get $100 off the syringe and 10 units Botox or Dysport free*
  2. Buy 2 syringes of filler and get $200 off the syringe and 20 units Botox or Dysport free*
  3. Buy 3 syringes of filler and get $300 off the syringe and 30 units of Botox of Dysport free*
  4. Botox, Dysport, Filler, microneedling, Kybella and chemical peels outside of the packages are 10% off*
  5. CoolSculpting is $20% off in addition to our patient package pricing*
  6. Sculptra is 10% off*

*If treatment is less than $500, Allure Rejuvenation Center will refund the difference. Pricing in effect until the shelter in place order has been lifted or at the discretion of Allure Rejuvenation Center. Quarantine Preservation Packages and Promotions (QPPP) is valid for one person of at least 18-years of age. QPPP is for one time only, all treatments must be selected and paid for during the QPPP consultation. QPPP and its associated products and treatments are not transferrable, cannot be redeemed for cash or exchanged for any other products or services or used in combination with other promotions. Recipient must make an appointment and have a consultation for treatment(s).