CoolSculpting®, One Man’s Journey of Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat*

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Two years ago, I ran my first Olympic Triathlon. Despite 6 to 8 hours of training per week for 4 months, I still could not get rid of a layer of belly fat around my waist. So, this year, I am running another race, going through the same workout routine, but following the race, at the peak of my fitness, any lingering fat will be treated with CoolSculpting® and it will be documented here on this blog.

Alex’s Profile:
  • Male
  • 48 years old
  • 6’ tall
  • 210 lbs.
Healthy but normal lifestyle

Let me be clear, I am not a professional athlete, nor do I aspire to be one, I’m way past that stage in my life. However, I do look for ways of staying in relatively decent shape primarily to remain healthy. I try to eat as healthy as possible, eating primarily a Mediterranean style diet of high protein, greens, and some carbs. Like most people, I do not shy away from imbibing in a good glass of wine, beer or a cool vodka martini and of course, I do enjoy a burger, fries or a pizza from time-to-time. The point is, for most of us, we have a life outside of working out and although we would like to have a physique like a Hollywood actor, this is just not feasible, not because it cannot be done, but we have other priorities (i.e. family, work, and life in general).

The journey

Follow me on my journey to see how through reasonable training or working out and the addition of CoolSculpting® treatments on problem areas can help you get to the physique you aspire to. I have taken pictures of my torso at 2 months into training, which I will post on this blog after the race on September 24, 2017, to show what I was able to achieve through the training alone. Then, 3 months after the CoolSculpting® treatments, I will post all 3 timeframes so that you can see the results.

In the next blog, Sheri, Founder of Allure Rejuvenation Center will discuss how CoolSculpting® works.

Stay tuned for more!


*Full disclosure, Alex Arvanitidis is a contractor at Allure Rejuvenation Center and manages the business aspects of the medical practice.


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