Are daily skincare regimens really that important?


While I love Botox, Filler, Kybella, Chemical Peels, etc.. I always tell my patients how important a daily skincare regimen is.  I equate it to running a marathon, climbing Kilimanjaro or doing a triathlon.  The important part is how you train for the big day, skincare is exactly the same.  There are so many wonderful, medical grade skincare products, backed by a ton of research.  For example, HA 5 from SkinMedica is currently being researched along with Botox to prove that it extends the length of Botox. I am a perfect example, my Botox only lasted two to two and a half months, once I started using HA 5, my Botox lasted 3 months to the day.  There are practices in Southern California which are currently studying this exact phenomenon.  Who would not want to extend their Botox with a wonderful moisturizer made with Hyaluronic Acid which also helps with fine lines and overall plumping of the skin?


Protecting Your Skin

Injectables and chemical peels are truly amazing and an amazing adjunct, but a great daily skincare regimen is of utmost importance. I can’t stress enough how important daily sunscreen is, as that was in my first blog. The sun feels great on your skin but has so many damaging effects. Even if it is cloudy, raining or snowing, the UV rays still get through and damage your skin.  I highly recommend to all my patients to use an antioxidant, Vitamin C serum such as Phloretin CF or CE Ferulic.  These two products help PREVENT skin damage, prevent free radical damage and help with brown (sun) spots.  If I could use this all over my body, I would.  I also treat my hands and decollete the same way I treat my face.  Those are the other two areas which get a lot of sun damage and show signs of aging.  


The three most important products I recommend are:
  1. Phloretin CF and CE Ferulic: Antioxidant, Vitamin C serum AKA ‘liquid gold”
  2. HA 5 from SkinMedica or HA Intensifier (corrective) from Skinceuticals to help with plumping of the skin, fine lines, improves skin firmness, smoothness and facial fullness. Who is not looking for this??
  3. SUNSCREEN- we offer SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion and Sheer Physical which are made of natural minerals to protect against the sun.

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CE Ferulic is best for dry skin and Phloretin CF is best for oily or combination skin.

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