1-Week ‘Till Race Day – A CoolSculpting Journey

CoolSculptingOne Week Until Race Day

One week out until race day and starting to feel the pre-race jitters. Have I trained enough? Did I rest enough? Have I pushed my body enough? Will find out on Sunday, September 24th! Over the past four months, there were 80 planned training sessions with the expectation to complete at least 80% of them (64 sessions) because as was mentioned in the previous post, life and work get in the way. I am proud to say that I will have completed 65 sessions by race day, give or take one.

Persistent Fat

Along with the intense training and clean eating with an occasional cheat pizza and cocktail, I’ve lost 15 to 20 pounds, which I’m thrilled about. Nevertheless, I still have a persistent layer of fat around my mid-section and this is where CoolSculpting® will come in after the race.


To avoid ups and downs in training and remaining fit, I have already have targeted milestones set up so that I continue the training, albeit at a more moderate rate. I plan on running a half marathon at the end of October, at least a 5 – 10k race for the Turkey trot and looking into another tri in the spring. However, I am not a professional athlete nor do I aspire to be one. I love life, work, great meals, wine and cocktails and that will not change for the foreseeable future.


CoolSculpting® will give me the opportunity to compliment my fitness level with a more sculpted physique. The treatment will target the areas of stubborn fat, freeze them and destroy on average 20% of that fat over a 3-month period giving me a more chiseled look. I look forward to sharing the experience with everyone in the coming weeks!

September Promotion

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