✨ Full Facial Rejuvenation ✨


Armeen and Sheri are extremely passionate about this procedure. Why you ask? Because it allows us to address more than just one area of volume loss and has a more powerful impact on how patients feel after.  

We’ve literally seen patients skip out of our office, stare at themselves in the mirror and even shed tears of happiness. Aging is what changes the way we look, in fact, we start losing collagen at age 25 so when we do full facial rejuvenation at Allure Rejuvenation Center, we place the perfect amount of filler to restore your volume loss without losing your own authentic look.

Often times, patients want to do one syringe only, but it’s important to remember that one syringe of filler is equal to 1/5th of a teaspoon. It truly is a tiny amount.

Armeen and Sheri mix their medical and science education and expertise with their artistic eyes to balance the face in a beautiful, natural way. 

Book a consultation with Armeen or Sheri and be assured that you are in great hands. Facial Rejuvenation packages coming soon and will be discussed during your consultation.